A new “Denpa Song x Anonymous Posting x Rhythm Game” “Yunyun Syndrome!? Rhythm Psychosis” announced!

Alliance Arts, Inc. and WSS playground announced “Yunyun Syndrome!? Rhythm Psychosis” on Saturday, May 25th, 2024. The game is planned for release on PC (Steam) in 2024, and the Steam Store Page is now open to the public.

“Yunyun Syndrome!? Rhythm Psychosis” is a rhythm adventure game with the theme of “Psychological X Cute X Rhythm Game” about a hikikomori girl – also an avid anonymous poster – who corrupts the world while listening to denpa songs.

What will happen in this “Doki-Doki” story dealing with “Denpa Songs”?
Wishlist on Steam and stay tuned for further updates!